Raffles Got Talent

  • 05 Apr 2017
    YEAR 5 TO 6
    Arts and Aesthetics

  • photographs by KayMei and WenQi of Raffles Photographers

    Term 1 ended with the thrilling finale of the inaugural Raffles Got Talent, in which students represent their Houses to show off their skills in dance, song, and other more unconventional kinds of performances. The Year 5-6 community spent the weeks leading up to the showdown voting on the contestants’ audition trailers on the new learning portal, Ivy.

    On 10 March, the finalists assembled in the PAC to dazzle the judges with their abilities, which ranged from unicycling while bottle-tossing, k-pop dance moves, and a retro-style performance inspired by La La Land. Ethan Liew (17S06Q)(Moor-Tarbet) emerged the winner with his incredible prowess with a yo-yo, while dance duo jkjk (Jina Yi (17S06O) and Kelli Quek (17S03B))(Buckle-Buckley) came in first runner-up. The Under 50kg Club (Kent Han (18S06P) and Linus Tan (18S06P))(Hadley-Hullett) proved to be heavyweights, coming in second runners-up.

    Event report by Raffles Press