Raffles Institution

Cross Country

  • photograph by Raffles Photography & Art Club (Year 1-4)

    Welcome to Raffles Cross Country. As our name suggests, we are long distance runners. It has been said that 'the difference between running a mile and running a marathon is the difference between burning your fingers over a flame and going over hot coals.' This clearly defines Raffles Cross Country; we build characters that embody strength in both mind and body as we strive for the glory of RI in our passion for running.

    Achievements and Highlights

    66th Singapore Athletics Cross Country Championships 2017

    Boys U15: 1st
    Boys U18: 1st

    Wings Cross Country Championships 2017

    Boys U14: 1st
    Boys U17: 1st

    National Inter-School Cross Country Championships 2017

    C Division: 3rd
    B Division: 3rd

    Teacher Mentors

    Mr Steven Lim