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Raffles Chorale

  • taken by Keane Chua for Deck the Walls, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society (Year 5-6)

    Chorale performs about two or more times a year, and biannually aims to go on a concert tour overseas. In April 2016, Chorale performed alongside its juniors at Raffles Voices for Limelight, a biannual series organised by the Esplanade. Meanwhile, our annual end-of-year acapella charity concert, Vocal Delights, sees us performing anything from pop to EDM and Christmas carols. 

    'What Chorale will teach you is that it is the intrinsic rewards that matter the most,' says our conductor Mr Toh Ban Sheng. 'That feeling when you walk off the stage knowing that all that work came to fruition.'

    So put your heart into it, and we assure you that through the sweat and toil, you will develop as a musician, forge new friendships and ultimately grow as a person. Walk off that stage with no regrets.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    Limelight: Raffles Institution Choirs 2016

    Teacher mentors

    Mrs Jasbir Koh

    Ms Audrey Tan