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    CA is a close knit family of 28, comprising students from all walks of secondary school CCA life – most of us were active in our service to the community, but have decided to take it one step further by bringing what we learn through service back to the school community. We are a service CCA that seeks to develop our members past merely conducting direct service to speaking up and raising awareness on social causes whilst developing important leadership skills and learning invaluable life lessons.

    In CA, all of us choose a Special Interest Group (SIG), which becomes our little family of individuals passionate about similar causes. In our SIGs, we go for direct service with various volunteer welfare organisations (VWOs), in order to assist the people we are advocating for whilst learning more about them, contributing to better advocacy. Lifeline focuses on advocacy for healthcare issues; Doveswarm is passionate about advocating for migrant workers; and Empty Pocket sees the prevalence of poverty in everyday life and takes steps towards fighting the widening income gap in Singapore.

    If you’d like to spend a part of your JC life challenging yourself beyond typical service opportunities, planning events, projects and speaking up for those not often heard, CA could do just that for you. Bring out that voice inside you and join us in effecting positive change in our school community and society beyond.

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    Achievements and Highlights


    Advoweek aimed to promote awareness within 3 specific advocacy causes: Doveswarm (Transmigration issues), Empty Pocket (Poverty issues) and Lifeline (Healthcare issues). The week-long initiative culminated in a final event, ‘Advofeste’, which included meaningful activities such as The Human Library with clients from TWC2 and Mental Chat with volunteer advocates from IMH.



    Homeground was a carnival that served as an act of gratitude towards a largely under-appreciated group in our school community - our school workers.



    Inroads (by Doveswarm) was a guided field trip where participants were brought around relevant physical infrastructure in locations significant to migrant workers’ landscape in Singapore.


    Weekly Service: The Cuff Road Project

    The Cuff Road Project (by Doveswarm) is a food programme organised by TWC2 for destitute migrant workers who are in dispute with their employers over salary and injury claims and desperately in need of basic necessities, solace and legal advice to fight for their rights.


    Giant Savers

    Giant Savers (by Empty Pocket) was a financial literacy workshop conducted for the children at the Bishan Family Service Centre.


    Weekly Service: Nurture 3.0

    Nurture 3.0 (by Empty Pocket) is a tutoring and mentoring programme that engages children and youths in multi-stressor families.


    Mental Health Exhibition

    The Mental Health Exhibition (by Lifeline) was an exhibition organised in the school canteen walkway. It comprised a week-long showcase including the screening of videos, an interactive wall, and an art exhibition.


    Weekly Service: Institute of Mental Health

    At the Institute of Mental Health, Advocates from Lifeline facilitate and provide assistance in programmes organised by the nurses and the youth volunteering group, including dancing, arts and crafts, games, as well as birthday celebrations.

    Teachers in charge

    Ms Ruth Ong

    Mr Calvin Tan

    Ms Teo Soo Yee

    Mr Ngan Wei Yeong


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