Raffles Institution

Raffles Street Dance

  • taken by Marcus Choo and Wallace Oh for Deck the Walls 2017, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society (Year 5-6)

    Raffles Street Dance is a tight-knit family that aims to bring all kinds of dancers together through our love for dance. With the guidance of our instructor, Ms Stefanie Leong (or Steffi, as we call her), our members are first trained in dance basics and technique so as to build a solid foundation.

    Our annual highlights are mainly the Super 24 dance competition and performances for school events such as National Day or Teacher’s Day celebrations. Through our various performances, our dancers are exposed to the dance scene in Singapore as well as gain experience as performers.

    Everyone is welcome in RSD regardless of your experience in dance, as we believe in growing together and starting from the bottom as one cohesive unit.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    RI Open House 2016 Dance Performance
    Put up a dance performance for the entertainment of visitors to the RI Open House.

    Augmentum: The Spirit of Youth
    Combined Dance Concert 2016
    A Collaboration among Raffles Street Dance, Raffles Modern Dance and Raffles Indian Dance

    Super24 Competition 2016
    Participated in the Tertiary Category
    (Super24 is an annual national-wide dance competition that is organised by the dance school, O School, and is supported by the National Youth Council. It aims to bring out the best of every participant by looking for the team that best exemplifies the qualities of adaptability, creativity and team unity.)

    Founders’ Day Dance Mania
    6 of Street Dance Alumni conducted a 2-hr hip hop dance marathon during the Founders’ Day 2016.

    National Day Concert 2016
    Street Dance performance in the school concert to celebrate National Day.

    Teachers in charge

    Ms Ng Siew Cheng

    Mrs Yang-Chan Oi Ming