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Raffles Economics & Current Affairs Society (RECAS)

  • taken by Saksham Bambha for Deck the Walls 2018, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society

    RECAS (Raffles Economics and Cultural Affairs Society) promotes continued academic excellence in the field of economics and political science (Current Affairs) and is the gateway for the interested student population to learn more about current affairs, economic theory and international politics.

    In this constantly evolving and highly competitive world, a grasp of the latest happenings around the globe is no doubt crucial for success. Here, new members can look forward to develop a habit for keeping track with current affairs. In the long run, members can amass a vast knowledge on the workings of the world, and formulate a better understanding of the many global problems and complexities.

    Being a student-directed CCA, all of our sessions and activities are planned and executed by our own members and this would give you, should you join RECAS, the opportunity to develop and structure your own curriculum and the flexibility to freely explore what you are interested in.

    With that, we eagerly anticipate you joining us, and we hope to be able to spark off your love affair with current affairs (and of course, economics) here!

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    Achievement and Highlights

    Under The Macroscope, a weekly digest of current affairs and economic news


    NTU Current Affairs Society Challenge 2017

    2nd runner-up


    NUS-ISE National Business Analytics Case Competition 2017

    1st runner-up


    27th National Economics and Financial Management Challenge (NEFMC 2017)

    Semi-finalist (10th place)

    Teachers in charge

    Mrs Magdalene Wong