Raffles Institution

Mathematics Club (Year 5-6)

    Here is a fun exercise: Write an expression for the volume of a pizza with height “a” and radius “z”

    If you have decided to read on despite the lame exercises my vice-chairman included above, we take it that you have compounded your interest for our Mathematics Club. You don’t need to be a brilliant mathematician to join our club, the only prerequisite is to be genuinely passionate and have fun during our sessions. Even if you find calculus slightly derivative, trigonometry too graphic, or if you aren’t that partial to fractions, worry not because we guarantee our variety of activities each week will engage every member!

    To sum it all up, we subtract any questions or doubts and multiply happiness exponentially, to give every member the best experience that he/she will have and retain for an infinite amount of time!

    Find out more (about the Club as well as the answer to the pizza exercise above) in Raffles Press' CCA Previews

    Achievements and Highlights

    Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2016
    Team Champions
    Individual: Glen Lim Wei An, Sheldon Kieren Tan (tied 1st) and Liu Yijia (3rd)

    China Mathematical Olympiad 2016
    Ma Zhao Yu (Gold)
    Glen Lim Wei An (Gold)

    Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad 2016
    Ma Zhao Yu (Silver)
    Liu Yijia (Bronze)
    Sheldon Kieren Tan (Bronze)

    International Mathematical Olympiad 2016
    Ma Zhao Yu (Gold)
    Sheldon Kieren Tan (Gold)
    Glen Lim Wei An (Gold)

    Shanghai Texas Instrument Cup 2016
    Team 3rd
    Individual: Zhang Guangxuan (Gold), Tan Likai, Tu Yi, Zhong Daoxin and Zhang Keyi (Bronze)

    Teachers in charge

    Mr Lu Shang-Yi