Raffles Institution

Malay Cultural Club / LDCS (Malay)

  • bottom photo taken by Elizabeth Quek and Phoebe for Deck the Walls 2017, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society


    Year 1 - 4

    Raffles Institution Malay Cultural Club (MCC) was set up in 1964 to build integration among the Malay students in RI and with other Malay Cultural Clubs from other schools.

    We seek to encourage the Malay students in RI to be familiar with Malay culture through the many activities planned and implemented.

    We run our programmes based on these three Malay words: ITHAR, ILTIZAM and INTEGRASI. ITHAR: To sacrifice self for others ILTIZAM: To be committed enthusiastically and responsibly INTEGRASI: To promote unity among different races These values are inculcated into each members of the club so that it can benefit them in the future, in their careers and service for the community.

    Year 5 - 6

    MLDCS is a close-knit kampong, radiating good old vibes of communal camaraderie and cultural identity. We provide a safe haven, each member a kind-hearted friend that all can depend on in the relentlessly unforgiving storm of JC life. We have fun, work hard, and most importantly, we lepak. Together. We are MLDCS, or if you despise acronyms, the Malay Literary Drama Cultural Society.

    Our CCA has even organised bonding sessions, with this year’s main one being an impromptu Iftar (breaking fast session), where all of us, adorned in traditional Malay clothing, gathered in school during Ramadan to break our fast as a batch.

    Overall, MLDCS is a bonded kampong, sharing a strong sense of belonging to our roots, and each other.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    Year 1 - 4

    MCC Year One Orientation Camp initiated and conducted by MCC members

    Learning Journey to Lontong Factory

    National Scrabble Competition (South Zone)

    National Essay Writing Competition - Pena Emasku

    Mass Break Fast Session (Iftar) during Ramadan for students and teachers

    Mass Clean-up at An-Nahdhah Mosque

    Aidilfitri Gathering cum Cohort Performances initiated and conducted by MCC members

    Dikir Barat Workshop by EDN Learning Discoveries Pte Ltd


    Year 5 - 6

    RI Annual Malay Youth Seminar 2017

    The 6th Annual Malay Youth Seminar, themed “Preparing Youths for the VUCA world”, was attended by over 500 students from secondary schools, madrasahs and junior colleges across Singapore.


    National Malay Scrabble Competition



    RI MLDCS Orientation Camp

    Teachers in Charge

    Miss Naqiah Binte Muhd (Year 1-4)

    Ms Nurul Hannah (Year 1-4)

    Mr Mohamad Ali Hanifiah (Year 5-6)

    Mr Kamal Rizal (Year 5-6)