Raffles Institution

Raffles Entrepreneurs' Network (REN)

  • taken by Kristy Lim and Amy Lim of the Raffles Photographic Society

    Ever wanted to plan and organise your very own inter-school competition from scratch? One of REN’s major events is the annual Raffles Business Symposium (RBS). In 2017 we brought together over 100 students and teachers around the theme – the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    If starting your own shop is your cup of tea, then REN’s business arm, REN.Co, is just for you. At REN.Co, members personally try their hand at maintaining a social enterprise. Being a social venture, 20% of our profits are donated to a local beneficiary – so, feel free to patronise our store with a clear conscience, a full one-fifth of profits goes toward a good cause!

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    Achievement and Highlights

    Raffles Entrepreneur’s Network Cooperative (REN. CO)

    Formal Launch of REN.CO in 2017 Member of Cooperative Clubs in Singapore


    Youth Innovation Challenge (YIC 2017)

    Best Social Impact Award


    Raffles Business Symposium (2017)

    Organiser of National Inter-JCs and Polytechnics Pitching Competition

    Teachers in charge

    Ms Amelia Heng

    Ms Stacy Tan