Raffles Institution

Applying to UK Universities


    Before Applying:

    Take note of the application deadlines for UK and US Universities 2017-2018


    Application Procedure

    Step 1

    ■ Register for and sit for all qualification tests

    Log in to UCAS to create an account, from August

    ■ Fill in your buzzword to link the application to RI. Our buzzword for this application year is Raffles2018


    Step 2

    ■ Fill in your personal particulars and educational qualifications

    ■ Indicate your course choices


    Step 3

    ■ Pay for and submit your application by the appropriate deadline

    ■ Your teacher completes your reference and sends your application


    Step 4

    ■ Complete the required admissions tests, submit work, attend interviews, where necessary

    ■ Check your email regularly for updates and for offers of admission


    Step 5

    ■ A-Level results are released

    ■ Accept or decline university by the deadline indicated (in UCAS)



    ■   Application to UK universities opens in September. After registering for a UCAS account, applicants can enter the buzzword issued by the Higher Education Office.

    ■   Application to UK universities must be done through UCAS and as a student of RI. This also applies to students who have already graduated from our school.

    ■   Please refer to these websites for further information on test dates and registration fees:

    > Information on the Admissions Testing Service on British Council, Singapore
    > LNAT (National Admissions Test for Law)
    > BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test)
    > UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test)


    Applications to UK Medicine/ Veterinary Medicine/ Veterinary Science/ Dentistry

    ■  Applicants can make up to four course choices from this category and a fifth choice in any other course (e.g. Four different Medicine-related courses and one Bio-Chemistry course). Additional tests (i.e. UKCAT or BMAT) may be required.


    Applicants to the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge

    ■  Students may apply to either the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge, but not both. Students can only apply to read 1 course, no more. Applicants are advised to request for recommendations early.

    ■  All students applying to Oxford or Cambridge should register their details with the Higher Education Office.