Raffles Institution

Applying to UK Universities


    Before Applying:

    Take note of the application deadlines for UK and US Universities 2017-2018


    Application Procedure

    Step 1

    ■ Register for and sit for all qualification tests

    Log in to UCAS to create an account, from August

    ■ Fill in your buzzword to link the application to RI. Our buzzword for this application year is Raffles2018


    Step 2

    ■ Fill in your personal particulars and educational qualifications

    ■ Indicate your course choices


    Step 3

    ■ Pay for and submit your application by the appropriate deadline

    ■ Your teacher completes your reference and sends your application


    Step 4

    ■ Complete the required admissions tests, submit work, attend interviews, where necessary

    ■ Check your email regularly for updates and for offers of admission


    Step 5

    ■ A-Level results are released

    ■ Accept or decline university by the deadline indicated (in UCAS)



    ■   Application to UK universities opens in September. After registering for a UCAS account, applicants can enter the buzzword issued by the Higher Education Office.

    ■   Application to UK universities must be done through UCAS and as a student of RI. This also applies to students who have already graduated from our school.

    ■   Please refer to these websites for further information on test dates and registration fees:

    > Information on the Admissions Testing Service on British Council, Singapore
    > LNAT (National Admissions Test for Law)
    > BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test)
    > UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test)


    Applications to UK Medicine/ Veterinary Medicine/ Veterinary Science/ Dentistry

    ■  Applicants to any of these courses can make up to 4 course choices and make a 5th choice in any other course. For example, a student may apply to 4 Medicine courses and 1 Bio-Chemistry course. The deadline for applications to read Medicine in the UK schools is 15 October. Additional tests (i.e. UKCAT or BMAT) may be required.


    Applicants to the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge

    ■  Students may apply to either the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge, but not both. Students can only apply to read 1 course, no more. Applicants are advised to request for recommendations early.

    ■  All students applying to Oxford or Cambridge should register their details with the Higher Education Office.