Raffles Institution

Art Elective Programme

    From painting to printmaking to photography, our Art Elective Programme provides you with a fundamental understanding of art history, theory and criticism, and the opportunity to explore a wide range of media in the studio. We emphasise hands-on experience in making art, and much of your learning will be done in our dedicated facilities, which include an art gallery, drawing studio, print-making studio, ceramics studio and coursework studio. At Year 4, you will have a choice of medium to specialise in and to develop your final art piece.

    You can expect to develop your personal style of artistic expression and gain the confidence, critical awareness and skills necessary to mature as a young artist or scholar with a lifelong interest in the arts. Besides lectures and discussions, diverse audio-visual materials such as digital imagery, videos and films will be regular components of many lessons. You will also be making trips to major collections, galleries and museums to augment your learning experience.

    Programme Highlights

    ⋅ Elements of Art and Visual Literacy

    ⋅ Fundamentals of Drawing and Experimental Drawing

    ⋅ Basic Art Criticism

    ⋅ Oil/ Acrylic Painting, Print-making

    ⋅ Art History

    ⋅ Introduction to Artists

    ⋅ Design, Three-Dimensional Works

    ⋅ Study of Visual Arts

    ⋅ Studio Practice

    ⋅ Theory of Art



    Art, Music and the Experience of Life 

    Introduced in collaboration with the Raffles Leadership Institute, the Art+Music Experiential Learning component sends pairs of art and music students outside the classroom to engage in an experimental three-way dialogue with the environment and with each other. This dialogue teaches students to tap on all their senses for inspiration, shaping their creative process and resulting in fascinating art and music hybrids.