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History and Strategic Affairs Society (HSTA)

  • taken by Iffah Rusyda for Deck the Walls 2018, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society

    The History and Strategic Affairs Society (HSTA, formerly HISSOC) is the place to be to engage your interest in global and local affairs. Lauded as one of the oldest CCA in the books, the Raffles History and Strategic Affairs society is not just the wittiest, but also the coolest of the bunch. Donning snappy suits and dresses, be ready to be trained for and participate in competitions known as Model United Nation (MUN) Conferences, where you concoct plans of world domination and pit them against other brilliant minds around the globe.

    As a competitor, you will pick up many useful skills, ranging from the ‘hard’: legalistic principles about international law, order and justice, to the ‘soft’: how and what makes people talk. You will definitely become a more thoughtful individual, one who’s engaging to others and engaged around the world.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    Raffles Model United Nations 2017

    Planned and hosted over 200 students from various secondary schools and junior colleges in a three-day conference debating global issues

    Teachers in charge

    Ms Dawn Ng

    Mr Caleb Liu



    Raffles Model United Nations