Raffles Institution

General Paper


    The General Paper Unit is part of the larger KS1 Department. Through General Paper, we aim to impart skills like those in reading and comprehension, writing, oral presentation and defence, research, argumentation, critical analysis, evaluation, inference, logic, global awareness, cultural sensitivity and empathy, among others – in short, skills that are crucial for our students to become better thinkers, leaders and pioneers in the 21st Century. 


    In the General Paper at Raffles, students are guided towards acquiring the language skills which will empower them not only for the A-Level examination, but for their personal and working life. The course is topic-based so that language is acquired at the same time as knowledge and opinions about subjects like science and human values, law and society, philosophy and religion.

    Creative and Critical Thinking are staples of the General Paper programme at Raffles, which equips students to form their own opinions on matters of individual, national and international importance. Students are taught to think in a cross-disciplinary fashion, to evaluate different perspectives, and to formulate and defend their own positions. In short, the General Paper programme at Raffles trains students to be better and, more informed thinkers.



    Effective Communication – Students learn to communicate effectively – both orally and through writing – in order to present a persuasive and reasoned opinion in a variety of situations. In the classroom, lessons are often informal and students are given ample opportunities to express their views.

    A Varied Programme – The General Paper at Raffles features an exciting range of teaching methods and activities, including discussion groups, research work, learning journeys and visits, surveys, media analysis and debates. The GP and KI units publish a KS Bulletin which features the best of students’ work and articles on writing skills and general knowledge.