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Year One Direct School Admission (DSA) - Frequently-Asked Questions


    What is the DSA (Direct School Admission)?

    The DSA exercise is an initiative by the MOE (Ministry of Education) that allows for a more diverse range of talents to be recognised in student admission. Selected schools, such as RI, have been given the flexibility to admit students currently studying in Singapore mainstream schools who have talents in areas beyond the PSLE.



    Must I still sit for the PSLE if I have already been admitted to RI through the DSA? What impact will my results have?

    You should continue to sit for the PSLE, as the MOE requires DSA applicants to do well enough in the exam to qualify for the Special / Express stream. Besides qualifying you for the Special / Express stream, the PSLE results will also determine your eligibility for the EESIS (Edusave Entrance Scholarship for Independent Schools) and the ESIP (Edusave Scholarship for the Integrated Programme).


    Will I still be admitted to RI if my DSA application is successful but my PSLE score does not meet RI's PSLE aggregate cut-off under the MOE’s central posting exercise?

    Your place in RI is confirmed as long as you accept our DSA offer and qualify for the Special / Express stream via the PSLE.


    Can I apply for DSA to more than one school?

    Yes, you can, but you would eventually have to make an option for the school you wish to be considered for using the School Preference Form. The outcome of the option and final posting will be administered by the MOE, and the results will be made known at the same time as the release of the PSLE results.


    I have received DSA offers from several schools. When must I decide which to accept?

    If you are on a Waiting List, or have received a Confirmed Offer, you will be extended a School Preference Form from the MOE in October. This will be distributed through your Primary School. Only schools that have you on their confirmed or waiting list will be listed on the form, and you will have to rank your choices in order of preference.


    Can I apply to government/government-aided schools via the DSA exercise?

    Only selected schools offer entry via DSA. Please check with the school of your choice for more information.


    How much flexibility do schools have in admitting applicants ?

    In general, schools can admit applicants of their choice as long as the process is meritocratic and transparent. However, applicants must first obtain the PSLE result that qualifies them for the streams offered by the school. For example, applicants to schools that offer the Integrated Programme (like RI) must qualify for the Express stream in order to be successful.


    If I were posted to a school that is not my first choice via the DSA exercise, can I opt to be considered under the Central Posting Exercise (held just after the release of the PSLE results) or make an appeal to the school of my choice instead?

    No; successful DSA applicants must honour their commitment to the school that has accepted them, for the length of the programme they were admitted into. As such, they will not be eligible to participate in the Central Posting Exercise, and will not be allowed to transfer to another school following the release of the PSLE results.

    Students who were not successful in the DSA exercise must participate in the Central Posting Exercise.