Raffles Institution

Year One Direct School Admission (DSA) - Frequently-Asked Questions

  • updated March 2017

    1. What is the Direct School Admission (DSA)?

    The Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise is an initiative by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to give schools greater flexibility in student admission, so as to allow a more diverse range of student achievements and talents to be recognised. Selected schools are given flexibility to consider students with abilities in niche areas which may not be reflected in their PSLE aggregate.

    2. Am I allowed to apply under more than one domain?

    DSA applicants may only apply for one domain.

    3. Am I allowed to switch domains during the DSA exercise?

    Applicants are not allowed to switch their domain after they have submitted their application.

    4. Must I sit for PSLE if I qualify for RI under DSA?


All successful DSA applicants are still required to sit for the PSLE. MOE requires all students admitted via DSA to prove that they can qualify for the Express stream.

    5. How important are the PSLE results if I qualify for RI under DSA?

    Your PSLE results will determine your eligibility for admission into the Express stream, as well as your eligibility for Edusave Entrance Scholarship for Independent Schools (EESIS) and the Edusave Scholarship for the Integrated Programme (ESIP).

    6. If am offered a place under DSA but my PSLE score does not meet either RI's cut-off for admission under MOE central posting system, will I still be able to gain admission into or RI?

    Your place in RI is confirmed once you are offered a place under DSA, which you accept, and you meet the PSLE cut-off point for a place in the Express stream.


    7. Can I apply for DSA admission to more than one school?

    Yes, you can apply for DSA admission to more than one school, but you will eventually have to make an option for the school you wish to be considered for. The final posting and the outcome of the option will be administered by MOE, and the results will be made known when the PSLE results are released.

    8. Can I apply for direct admission to any government or aided school?

    DSA is only offered by some schools. You are advised to check with the school of your interest if they offer direct admission.

    9. How much flexibility is given to schools to select their students?

    In general, schools can select the students they wish to admit as long as the process is meritocratic and transparent. However, students currently studying in local primary schools must obtain PSLE results that would enable them to be eligible for admission to the stream/course being offered by the school of their choice. For admission into the Raffles Programme, students must qualify for the Express Stream.

    10. I am successful in the DSA testing of several schools. When must I decide which one to accept?

    In October (date to be confirmed by MOE), all applicants with a Confirmed Offer, or who are on the Waiting List of a school, will be issued a School Preference Form by MOE through their primary schools. Applicants will have to indicate their DSA choices, in order of preference, through their respective primary schools. Students may only indicate schools which are listed in their School Preference Forms as these are the schools which have placed them either on the Confirmed or Waiting List.

    11. Do I have to take the General Ability Test (GAT)?

    Applicants do not need to take the GAT.