Raffles Institution


    We are one of the oldest CCA groups in Raffles Institution. We encourage all levels of participation from the recreational player to the competitor. Our mission as a Judo club is to impart to our members not only the physical skills of Judo, but its philosophy and traditions. Many students seek us out for self-defense training, and that is definitely one of the things Judo provides--not just through concrete skills, but through increased confidence and awareness. We try to introduce students to Judo as a lifetime pursuit, a skilled art requiring infinite perfecting. By introducing traditional Judo etiquette and teaching the Japanese names of the techniques we also introduce our members to the sport's cultural roots. For many of us, the club is a place of stability and community, where people watch out for you, in and out of the club.

    Training Program

    • Judo Training
    • Strength & Conditioning
    • Mental Skills Training

    Our training program focuses on developing our students holistically. Judo training is an ideal form of physical exercise:
    • It serves as a great cardiovascular workout, which improves stamina, general health and overall fitness.
    • Physical strength is also improved as a direct result of trying to control and dictate the movement of the opponent.
    • Judo player will also improve their flexibility. For the same reasons the balance and posture of a player will also be enhanced.
    • Physical co-ordination can be seen to develop dramatically from participation in Judo and reflexes are also improved together with mental reaction time.

    Achievements and Highlights

    2016 National Inter-School B Division Judo Championships

    Lin Jian Hern Iain: Silver Medal In The Featherweight Category

    Cheah Sze Zheng Leo: Bronze Medal In The Lightweight Category

    Adriel Tay Kaixuan: Gold Medal In The Heavyweight Category

    Xi Wenhan: Silver Medal In The Heavyweight Category

    2016 National Inter-School C Division Judo Championships

    Lee Jing: Bronze Medal In The Featherweight Category

    Lex Tan Pengqin: Bronze Medal In The Lightweight Category


    Teacher Mentors

    Mr Eric Koh

    Ms Charyl Shen

    Mr Eng Han Seng