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Indian Dance Club

  • taken by Abigail Yeow and Victoria Ang for Deck the Walls 2017, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society (Year 5-6)

    While there are many dance groups in Year 5-6, Indian Dance specialises in the various dances that originate from India, such as Indian classical and Bollywood dances, and gives these dances movements a modern twist. Raffles Indian Dance is a dance group that melds contemporary themes with classical dance. Its choreography is a fusion of the grace of new styles and the rigour of Indian classical dance. It personifies a free expression of emotions through its attention to both rhythm and style.

    We are all about sharing our passion of dance with others. You don’t need to be Indian, a trained dancer or a gymnast to be part of iDance. We accept students of all races, abilities, languages and backgrounds. We are a cheerful and friendly bunch that believes in sharing whatever knowledge in dance we have to help each other. For the boys – don’t worry, you are also welcome to join our CCA! Don’t let the common misconception that Indian Dance is only for ladies deter you.

    Find out more in A Day in the life of an Indian Dancer!

    Achievements and Highlights

    Combined Dance Concert - 'Augmentum: The Spirit of Youth'

    National Day Celebrations 2016


    Teachers in charge

    Ms Samamantha Prakash

    Mrs Kwie Shiao Yin