Raffles Institution

Outdoor Adventure & Activities Club (ODAC)

    Brought together by a thirst for adventure. Bound together as a family. ODAC provides one the avenue to discover oneself — one’s strengths, weaknesses, limitations, and the understanding that such limitations can be overcome. Most of all, ODAC gives you a home — a family bonded by a common love for adventure and challenge, a reprieve from the high-stress environment of social and academic commitments, and peaceful tranquility in the great outdoors.

    Before each trip, members will personally research on the terrain and weather conditions of the country they will be going to, create their own food plan for the trip, and not to mention, training themselves physically and mentally for a tough but fun and meaningful journey ahead.

    In the end, ODAC will always be a process of self-discovery and improvement, of learning and stepping out of your comfort zone, and of the relationships you form with your batch and with nature. If you have a thirst for adventure and an open mind, please do not hesitate to come down for our trials!

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    Achievement and Highlights

    2015 June Expedition (Gopeng, Malaysia)

    2015 ODACIA

    2015 November Expedition (100km Maclehose Trail, Hong Kong)

    2016 Selection Trials

    2016 Basic Training Camp (BTC) (11-13 March)

    2016 Gear Up: Over the Wheels, Under the Stars

    2016 National Vertical Marathon
    - 1st: Inter-JC Challenge 2016 Adventure Trail Challenge

    CCA CIP: Kayak litter-picking at Kallang River with Waterways Watch Society

    Teachers in charge

    Mr Tan Sijie

    Mr Ong Soon Sheng

    Ms Lin Run'er