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02 Raffles Scout Group

  • taken by Raffles Photography and Art Club Year 1-4

    The 02 Raffles Scout group was founded on 8 February 1922. Back then, it was called the Second Singapore Scout Troop. In 1922, Scouting had not yet caught on in Singapore, but with the founding of 02, Scouting soon became popular among Rafflesians. Another scout troop was later formed, the 32nd Singapore Scout Troop (now known as the 01 Raffles Scout Group), to cope with the large intake of students. 02 is currently the oldest surviving scout troop after the First Singapore Scout Troop disbanded.

    In 1965, Singapore became a Republic. That same year, the Singapore Scout Association saw a significant restructuring of its administration. This resulted in the renaming of the troops. The 2nd Raffles Scout Group thus became the 2102 Raffles Scout Group, with the prefix “21” denoting the Stamford district which the troop was based in and “02” to retain its roots.

    Our strong and supportive alumni include Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Professor Tommy Koh, Dr Tan Cheng Bok and SSA South Area Resource Commissioner Mr Christopher Ng.

    Achievements and Highlights

    2016 President's Scout Award
    Tan Yu Heng Julian
    Jason Jia Jun Sen

    2016 National Orienteering Race
    Champions for A-Division
    Sim Rui-Ming, Ethan
    Nabeel Muhammad B Abu Bakar

    2016 Chief Commissioner’s Award
    Han Kang Kenneth
    Justin Quek Zheng Jun
    Brayden Tang Jia Jun
    Ethan Jeremiah Teo Yong Qi
    Leo Tan Heqin
    Ling Chuan Hao, Bryan
    Liu Songtao

    2015 Frank Cooper Sands Award (Scout Unit)
    Gold Award
    Honours Pennant for 5 years of Gold Award

    2015 Frank Cooper Sands Award (Venture Unit)
    Gold Award
    Honours Pennant for 5 years of Gold Award


    Teacher MEntors

    Mr Ng Chong Jin

    Mr Tan Shengli

    Ms Siti Nursamihah

    Ms Huang Yuting


    O2 Raffles Scout Group website