Raffles Institution

Fencing (Year 5-6)

  • taken by Chiow Hui Min and Matthew Toh for Deck the Walls 2017, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society (Year 5-6)

    Fencing is fun. The satisfaction that envelopes you when stabbing another human being is one that is weirdly thrilling and of course, unique to fencing. I mean, you could choose to stab people in other situations, though you’ll probably get arrested. Jokes aside, fencing gives you the opportunity to practice a weapon-based combat sport without the annoying threats of blood and death. Whether just an extension of the arm or a full-blown lunge, the feeling when your side of the scoreboard lights up, coupled with the cheering of your supportive CCA mates, is simply indescribable.

    Besides trainings on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and physical training sessions, our CCA often goes out, having post-training dinners at Junction 8, and even exploring Sentosa and Botanic Gardens together. We are a happy and bonded lot where no member is excluded and no fencer ignored!

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    Achievements and Highlights

    National Inter-School Fencing Championships 2016
    Men’s Team: Bronze
    • Rin Hong Hui Paul – Individual Men’s Epee: 3rd

    Women’s Team: Gold
    • Chloe Chu Min – Individual Women’s Epee: 1st
    • Cheng Wai Yee – Individual Women’s Sabre: 3rd
    • Aarya Berthier – Individual Women’s Foil: 1st
    • Ong Shu Hui Jessica – Individual Women’s Sabre: 2nd

    Singapore Cadet World Cup (Team Gold), Junior World Cup, Asian Fencing Championships (Cadet & Junior – Junior Team Bronze / Cadet – Team Gold), World Junior & Cadet Fencing Championships
    Aarya Berthier: Represented Singapore

    Singapore Cadet World Cup (Team Gold, Individual Silver), Asian Fencing Championships (Cadet & Junior – Cadet - Individual Bronze, Team Gold / Junior – Team Bronze), World Junior & Cadet Fencing Championships
    Ong Shu Hui Jessica: Represented Singapore

    Teachers in charge

    Mr Jason Teo

    Dr Wong Poh Lee

    Ms Cindy Tan