Raffles Institution

Fencing (Year 5-6)

  • taken by Liu Xinyu for Deck the Walls 2018, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society (Year 5-6)

    Often referred to as “physical chess”, fencing is a discipline which requires a combination of physical and mental strength to excel. In the space of a 14m by 1.5m strip and a maximum time of 9 minutes, the fencer must not only have the stamina and skill to outlast and outmanoeuvre the opponent, but also a clear mind to anticipate and form plans to counter the opponent’s movements.

    Although fencing is an individual sport, there are opportunities for fencers to bond over post-training dinners, outings, and the occasional game of captain’s ball that we play in place of our usual warm-up. Though we may fence each other in competitions, we are one team, bound together by our passion for fencing and a shared experience of its joy.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    National Inter-School Fencing Championship 2017

    A Division Girls Overall Champion (Team)
    Aarya Berthier – Individual Foil (Gold)
    Kiria Tikanah Abdul Rahman – Individual Epee (Gold)
    Nicole Goh Li Shyan – Individual Sabre (Gold)

    A Division Boys Runners Up (Team)
    Darren Tan Jun Hao – Individual Foil (Gold)
    Au Eong Tian Wei Jonathan – Individual Foil (Silver)


    Represented Singapore at Asian Junior and Cadet Championship as well as World Junior and Cadet Championship

    Esther Lai Shi Ning, Kiria Tikanah Abdul Rahman, Nicole Goh Li Shyan, Darren Tan Jun Hao & Au Eong Tian Wei Jonathan.

    Esther Lai Shi Ning (Individual Champion at Asian Junior Fencing Championship)

    Represented Singapore at Senior World Fencing Championships

    Ong Shu Hui Jessica

    Teachers in charge

    Mr Jason Teo

    Dr Wong Poh Lee

    Ms Cindy Tan