Raffles Institution

Research Education


    The Research Education team works closely together with the teachers to develop pupils into independent and resourceful life-long learners who are equipped with the necessary research skills, as well as inter- and intra-personal, creative and critical thinking skills. Research Education is supported by our in-house Y1 RE Specialist teachers and teacher-mentors, as well as our extensive partnership with experts and specialists from various tertiary and research institutions, business enterprises and community organizations. Through offering our students a wide range of research projects in many fields of study, it is our aim to cultivate in our students the passion for research and learning , while at the same time instilling in them a sense of awareness of and empathy for the needs of various groups of people in the community.


    Year 1

    • The Spirit of Inquiry

    • Information Literacy Skills I

    • Data Collection methods

    • Habits of Mind

    • Project Management Skills

    • Communication: Oral Presentation


    Year 2

    • Multi-Disciplinary Theme-based Projects Research

    • Planning and Design I

    • Information Literacy Skills II

    • Communication: Report Writing and Journaling

    • Collaborative Work Skills

    • Habits of Mind





    Year 3

    • Individual or Group Projects, Mentorship Programme, Raffles Academies Projects: Research Planning and Design I

    • Information Literacy skills III

    • Communication: Portfolio, Research Report

    • Publication and/or Public Presentation


    Year 4

    • Knowledge Application: Consolidation of research skills resulting in ability to make links across different areas of knowledge as well as to generate, develop and evaluate ideas & information.

    • Communication: Presentation of ideas in both the written and oral form.

    • Collaboration: Contribution of personal strengths (IQ) in order to work cooperatively with a team (EQ) and achieve common goals.

    • Independent Learning: Life-long goal of personal learning, reflection and improvement.