Raffles Institution

Music Elective Programme

    Our Music Elective Programme emphasises the cultural and technical dimensions of music. Our comprehensive and flexible programme offers rigorous instruction in musical theory, intellectual approaches to the history of music literature and an introduction to the cultural contexts, meaning and significance of classical, world and popular music genres. We stress the importance of authentic learning through music writing and live performances of canonical pieces, as well as student compositions and inter-disciplinary collaborations with students from the Art Programme. We cover wide-ranging musical genres to prepare you for the A-Levels and beyond. Regardless of your subsequent path, you will come away with a deep understanding of music as a component of broader culture and music as an aesthetic and intellectual field.

    Programme Highlights

    Music Writing

    Foundation of tonal music and counterpoint

    Connecting written theories (writing and analysis)

    Composition focusing on local and Asian contemporary composers and culture

    Music Studies

    History of Western Art Music from the Renaissance to modern day focusing on musical, historical and cultural settings

    Study of World Music, reflecting the dynamic and exciting changes in our local and regional community and beyond

    Music Performance

    Performance practices from the Baroque period to contemporary period

    Ensemble performance classes dedicated to cutting-edge music by living composers alongside the classics of the contemporary period

    Showcase concerts and exhibitions including interdisciplinary collaborations between the Art and Music students


    Art, Music and the Experience of Life 

    Introduced in collaboration with the Raffles Leadership Institute, the Art+Music Experiential Learning component sends pairs of art and music students outside the classroom to engage in an experimental three-way dialogue with the environment and with each other. This dialogue teaches students to tap on all their senses for inspiration, shaping their creative process and resulting in fascinating art and music hybrids.