Raffles Institution

Sailing (Year 5-6)


    Feel the sun blazing down your neck? Check. Feel the splash of water streaking down your body? Check. Feel the winds flowing through your hair? Check.

    Sounds like a standard trip to the beach, but we are not that sort of CCA. We strive for excellence, both on and off the water. A mainstay in RI’s gold medal hauls year on year, we strive to build on our successes created by our seniors, going further, pushing harder, and ultimately, sailing faster. As defending champions for the 8th year running, we constantly aim for progress every year, building on our strengths and working on our weaknesses.

    At the end of the day, we really enjoy what we do. While most students would sleep in on beautiful Saturday mornings, we would rather be baking in the sun and being splashed by saltwater. While the beach may seem like a place for cycling and picnics, we see it as our home. A place where memories are being born, and friendships are being made.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    2017 SSSC National Inter-School Sailing Championships A Division (Laser)

    A Division Boys: Champions
    Bernie Chin: Gold
    Lu Junrui: Silver
    Aloysius Lin: Bronze
    Koh Yi Kun: 4th

    2017 SSSC National Inter-School Sailing Championships A Division (Laser Radial)

    A Division Girls: Champions
    Jasmine Low: Gold
    Samantha Yom: Silver
    Amanda Wan: 4th

    2017 ASAF Youth Sailing Cup, Hong Kong Race Week

    Laser 4.7 Individual (Chin Zong Han: 3rd)

    2017 Dutch Youth Regatta

    Laser Radial Champion: Lu Junrui
    Laser 4.7 Individual (Chin Zong Han: 3rd)

    Teachers in charge

    Miss Yvonne Tay

    Mr Clement Cheng

    Ms Chan Pei Chen