Raffles Institution

Raffles Runway

  • taken by Elizabeth Quek and Yang Zuo for Deck the Walls 2017, a project by the Raffles Photography Society

    Raffles Runway is a student interest group that seeks to provide a platform for creative expression through fashion designing. Members can expect to learn from other members, learn from professionals, and learn from doing. Field trips to fashion shows and local designers’ ateliers can provide experiences student designers otherwise would not have access to, giving us precious glimpses into the way the fashion industry works. Much excitement is also centred around the planning and execution of our yearly fashion show. Members find inspiration for, sketch, and finally bring to fruition their designs. The path to terrific pieces is long-drawn and littered with late nights, re-conceptualised designs, and lost pins- so many lost pins. However, this creative journey is a rewarding one- seeing your design through from a raw idea you want to communicate into a gorgeous outfit is an incredibly meaningful experience.

    Find out more in A Day in the Life of a Runway Designer.

    Achievement and Highlights

    RProject 2015 “re:collections”

    A tribute to Singapore, our home, in line with her 50th anniversary.  The designs presented at the show were a translation of our emotions and ideas of Singapore through our personal lenses. Proceeds from the show went to humanitarian aid for Nepal through the Singapore Red Cross Society.

    Teachers in charge

    Miss Janissa Soh

    Ms Claudia Tan