Raffles Institution

Red Cross

  • Photograph by Raffles Photography and Art Club, Year 1-4

    Raffles Institution Red Cross was founded in 1952, and is the second oldest surviving Red Cross Youth unit in Singapore. It is part of the Singapore Red Cross and the global Red Cross movement.

    The unit envisions itself as a platform to develop its members into proficient first aiders who are both committed and community-minded, thus being an exemplary purveyor of service to others within the greater context of society and echoing the Red Cross Youth's motto of "Serve One Another".

    Our members actively undertake training and programmes that empower them to be active agents of change in their community and reaching out to the less advantaged, thus rooting in them a sense of realism and empathy that will serve them well beyond their formative years. Our history and tradition as a Uniformed Group inculcates a sense of discipline and rigour that moulds our members to be people of admirable character.

    Ultimately, we work towards providing a purposeful and meaningful pursuit through which our members will enjoy their Years 1 - 4 in Raffles Institution and learn to work well with others, so as to be the change we want to see in the world.

    Achievements and Highlights

    Sports and Wellness Competition 2015
    Captain’s Ball: Central District Champions
    Fitness Regime Design Competition: Merit Award

    First Aid Championships 2016
    Junior Category: Silver Award
    Senior Category: Participation

    Heartfelt 2016
    Stage Category: Gold Award
    Challenge Shield Category: Gold Award
    Pulse Category: Silver Award

    Red Cross Youth Unit Excellent Unit Award 2015 (Awarded in 2016)

    Teacher Mentors

    Ms Wan Yao

    Ms Chen Haiqin

    Mr Tay Zhi Xiong

    Mr Tan Xu En