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Basketball (Year 5-6)

  • taken by Fang Yi for Deck the Walls 2016, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society (Year 5-6)

    Spot any basketballers heading to the canteen after school? Striding through the centre aisle between the canteen tables, down the flight of stairs towards the carpark, then turning right … that’s right, we’re headed to the basketball courts. Shoes on, all laced up, and we’re set for training. Be it on or off the court, we basketballers value the time spent together with each other. We may be completely fatigued and worn out at the end of training, but somehow we will never get tired of one another. Like how we all fight to keep the ball in our hands in a match, we value everything the CCA has endowed us with – opportunities, memories and companions. Like how we constantly look out for our other teammates in a game, we look out for one another and make sure no one is left behind.

    Dream. Team. Fight. Win. Whatever it takes to fulfill the team mantra, we are in it together.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    2016 National Inter-School A Division Basketball Championships
    A Division Boys: Gold
    A Division Girls: Gold

    2016 Raffles Institution Basketball Invitational Tourney
    Boys: 1st
    Girls: 1st

    Teachers in charge

    Mr Carlsen Tay 

    Ms Elaine Wong 

    Mr Tan Khoon Han



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