Raffles Institution

Humanities Club

    The objectives of the RI Humanities Club are to develop an understanding of the Humanities and Current Affairs in Rafflesians, as well as to inculcate a sense of responsibility with respect to environmental issues. 

    The Humanities Club provides many opportunities for its members to interact with other organisations and schools on many platforms. It is our aspiration that through these activities, Rafflesians will be exposed to more aspects of the Humanities, as well as be inspired to champion Mother Earth's cause as environmental leaders and ambassadors.

    Achievements and Highlights

    Events Organised
    • Habitat for Humanities: The challenges for proving affordable housing in LDCs
    • Sharing on “Understanding History through Art in the Renaissance”
    • Forum of World Issues (with participation from St Nicholas Girls’ School)
    • Middle East Lecture
    • Inter-House Humanities Challenge

    Talks (Student sharing sessions on the following topics):
    • Geopolitics
    • Underground Spaces
    • Taboo – Food
    • Brexit and the EU
    • Ideologies
    • ‘United Asia’ Conference

    Field Trips
    • Geography fieldwork in Raffles Institution
    • Joo Chiat Heritage Trail

    Other Activities
    • Intra-club debates
    • Raffles Policy Dialogue, organised by Raffles Girls’ School

    Teacher Mentors

    Mrs Chee Mei Ling

    Mrs Sharon Tan