Raffles Institution

Chess Club (Year 5-6)

  • taken by Jennifer Shen and Lau Yun Xi for Deck the Walls 2017, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society

    Chess is addictive, regardless of whether you choose to pursue its International or Chinese variant. To most people, chess may appear to be an archaic game, but those who dare to fall in love with the euphoria that comes with an intense battle of wits stay in love forever.

    A typical Wednesday with the Chess Club sees our members pondering hard over 64 black and white squares and 楚河汉界 for I- and C-Chess trainees respectively.

    Chess provides a unique experience in that it combines the best of different types of CCAs: it is a mind sport that teaches the art of critical analysis and planning that one can never get tired of. If you are looking for a CCA that challenges you mentally and teaches you some of the best lessons in life, then take a leap of faith and join chess.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    CJC Inter-College Chinese Chess Competition
    Individual 1st, 5th

    Char Yong Cup (Chinese Chess)
    Individual 5th

    Hwa Chong Mindsports Championships
    Team 1st (International Chess)

    AMK All Women’s Chess Challenge (International Chess)
    Individual 2nd (Open), Individual 7th (Challengers)

    National Schools Individual Chess Championships (International Chess)
    Individual 1st, 3rd, 7th

    National Inter-School Team Chess Championships (International Chess)
    Open (Team 1st)
    Open Girls (Team 2nd)

    Teachers in charge

    Ms Lim San San