Raffles Institution

Astronomy Club (Year 1-6)

    It is just him, caffeine, and the stars tonight. For the Astronomer, the day has just begun.

    Starting 6 pm every Friday, we delve deep into our place in the vast cosmos, learning topics ranging from relativity, cosmology and astrobiology (aliens!), to other disciplines like history of astronomy, astrophotography and mythology. There is something for everyone, from beginners to advanced! If skies are clear, we proceed for stargazing within the school using our very own equipment.

    Our club comprises Year 1-6 members, creating a culture of sharing suitable for every level of experience. More knowledgeable seniors guide juniors through weekly lectures, in addition to competition training for those interested. Members enjoy a first-class stargazing experience, both local and overseas. For better skies, we have an annual optional retreat to Bintan, Indonesia or Port Dickson, Malaysia. Closer to home, we make trips to Semakau Island together with The Astronomical Society of Singapore (TASOS), or simply an overnight Geminids Star Party at East Coast Park. Did you know Semakau is the only island in Singapore reserved for astronomy purposes, having minimal light pollution, and exclusive access by TASOS?

    For a fulfilling, fun and fascinating journey, join Astronomy Club now for an out-of-this-world experience!

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    Achievements and Highlights

    NYP Astronomy Quiz

    Best Oral Presentation


    Singapore Astronomy Olympiad

    Shi Zhe Hao Matthew - Gold

    Zhong Daoxin - Silver

    Han Ruobin - Bronze

    Liu Xin - Honourable Mention

    Ng Wei Kang, Gavin - Honourable Mention

    Pan Liyu – Silver

    Fu Xinghong – Bronze

    Tan Wei Ye – Bronze

    Liu Haixuan – Honourable Mention


    RI-HCI Astrigue 2017

    Jointly organised by Raffles Astronomy Club and Hwa Chong Institution’s Astronomy Club,  Astrigue is an annual astronomy competition targeted at secondary school students


    AstroChallenge 2017

    Senior Team - Champions

    Lee Vint Ve - Top individual (senior)

    Junior Team – Champions


    Eureka 2017

    Jointly organised by the science clubs of Raffles Institution, Eureka is an amazing race style science competition, targeted at students in secondary schools


    Overseas learning journey 2017

    17 students from Y1-6 Astronomy club joined the IPS-NYP Astronomy retreat, together with students from NUS, NUSHS, HCI and other schools. Held at Bintan, the clearer night sky provided better stargazing opportunities.

    Teacher Mentors

    Year 5-6

    Mr Wong Tze Yang (Year 5-6)

    Ms Lim Ai Lin (Year 5-6)

    Year 1-4

    Ms Geraldine Tan (Year 1-4)

    Mr Conrad Zheng


    Social Media

    @RafflesStargazers on Instagram