Raffles Institution

Swimming (Year 5-6)

  • taken by Afiq Zuhairi for Deck the Walls 2018, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society (Year 5-6)

    What defines us as swimmers? It is the sheer determination, the strong will power, the spirit of perseverance and the everlasting passion where all our hearts and souls are devoted to one common purpose: Personal Excellence.

    Swimming is not just a competition; it is a test of our character and resilience. It is not just a sport, but also a lifestyle. We swimmers believe in this: When we are put in tough situations, we don’t say why me? but rather, try me. Nothing is impossible if we believe in ourselves.

    Most people think swimming is an ‘individual sport’ but we certainly beg to differ. It is your fellow teammates that encourage you to push on during such hard times. It is your fellow teammates that support you through the ups and downs in your swimming journey.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    2017 National Inter-School A Division Swimming Championships

    Girls: Gold
    Boys: Silver

    Teachers in charge

    Mr Chan Cheow Hwa

    Mr Chua Nam Chew

    Mrs Lydia Tan

    Ms Lim Sze Yi