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Computer Science Club

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    Within a few short months, you will be transformed from a fully-functioning human being into a CSC wizard, complete with knowledge on mysterious Python spells and the valour needed to dive headfirst into CSS. Be prepared to spend days delving into the inner heart of the computer, and let your love for technology be rekindled. From building websites and making games, to creating smartphone apps, learning to write code opens the door to all.

    In all seriousness, computer science really isn’t magic. If you’re interested in learning how to make websites, games and apps, or just want to pick up a new and useful skill, join us at CSC! Our website (with the greatest domain name) can be found at comsci.club.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    National Olympiad in Informatics

    Five students represented the school in NOI 2017 and won 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze Medals.

    Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad

    Pang Wen Yuen and Zhang Guanxuan represented Singapore in APIO 2017 and won Gold and Silver Medals respectively.

    International Olympiad in Informatics

    Pang Wen Yuen and Zhang Guanxuan represented Singapore in IOI 2017 and each won a Silver Medal

    Teachers in charge

    Mr Lim Hway Kiong


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