Raffles Institution

Applying to US Universities


    Before Applying:

    Take note of the application deadlines for UK and US Universities 2017-2018

    Check if the school you are applying to is a Common Application Member


    Application Procedure

    Step 1

    ■   Email collegeadmissions[at]ri.edu.sg to request that your Naviance account be activated

    ■   Start your Common Application account

    ■   Ensure you complete the FERPA waiver, or we will not be able to send all school forms online for you


    Step 2

    ■  Request for Teachers' and Counselor's recommendations via Naviance

    ■  Complete all other sections, include supplementary essays on the Common Application


    Step 3

    ■  List the US schools that you are applying to in your Naviance account, for schools on the Common Application as well as schools not on the Common Application

    ■  Ensure your application on the Common Application is complete and has been paid for and then send it off by your application deadline.

    Step 4

    ■  The Higher Education Office will process all applications that are listed on Naviance


    Step 5

    ■  A-Level results are released

    ■  Accept or decline offers by the deadline indicated

    ■  It is very important that you update the university decisions and school you be attending on Naviance.


    Things to note

    ■   Applications to US universities must be done through Naviance and the Common Application and as a student of RI. Students who wish to apply will need their Naviance account activated by the Higher Education Office.
    ■   The RI Guide to using Naviance is found in the Documents Library (screen right on your Naviance login page). You will need to have activated your Naviance account. Please contact the Office to do so.

    ■   Students applying for Early Decision or Early Action consideration should complete their applications by late October. Applications for Regular Decision close on January 1 of the following year and applicants should ensure that all the necessary documents are submitted by early December in order to ensure their application is completed.

    ■   Please note that the Naviance account allows us to track and submit students' school forms (e.g. teacher's evaluations, e-transcripts). Hence, applicants should request teachers' and Counsellor's evaluations through Naviance. However, applicants will still have to complete the student portion of their applications to the colleges via the Common Application website.



    Non-Common Application Schools

    ■   Applicants should list all schools that they are applying to that require Counsellor/ teacher recommendations and transcripts in Naviance, regardless of whether they are on the Common Application. The Higher Education Office will assist in sending school forms on the applicant's behalf, where applicable.

    ■   Some non-Common App schools may require paper copies of documents to be sent by regular mail. This may also apply to selected art colleges. You should still list these schools in Naviance, but notify the Office if you are required to send hard copies of your transcripts to universities. Where you are required to send physical copies of documents through the mail, you are advised to ensure all the necessary documents are submitted to the Office by early December (or two weeks prior to the deadline, whichever is earlier) in order to ensure your application is completed in time.

    ■   Selected schools such as the University of California schools require applicants to send certified true copies of transcripts by post prior to matriculation.