Raffles Institution

National Police Cadet Corps

  • photo by Mr Bryan Tan

    The Raffles Institution National Police Cadet Corps (RINPCC) has been offering Rafflesians a holistic leadership and character-building experience since it was inaugurated in 1966, and attained a Sustained Achievement Award for five consecutive Gold Unit Overall Proficiency Awards from 2009 and 2014.

    Our core activities include foot drills, camp craft, and police knowledge. From basic drills like marching in formation, to advanced drills involving batons and rifles, cadets develop discipline and teamwork, and eventually learn to command their own squads. In camp craft, cadets learn to tie knots, pitch tents, and construct field structures, which along with other outdoor and orienteering skills develops confidence and resilience. Cadets also learn about the Singapore Police Force and law enforcement in Singapore with a curriculum that includes topics such as police procedures, crime prevention, crime scene investigation. NPCC also offers cadets the unique experience of firearms training, with .22-calibre revolver shoots in Years 2 and 3, and opportunities to participate in inter-unit shooting competitions. Cadets learn various other skills like first aid and kayaking, and participate in other enrichment and teambuilding activities organised by the unit. They also perform community service as a core part of their curriculum in collaboration with Bishan NPC and other partner organisations.

    Regular training sessions occur at the squad level, where cadets train with peers of similar experience levels to master the knowledge and skills required for promotion to their next rank. Special programmes take place at least once a term, and sporting activities complement the training programme to allow cadets time for recreation and cohesion. Cadets who perform well take on leadership roles in Year 3, and have opportunities to be voted into the Executive Committee, be promoted to the pinnacle rank of Station Inspector, and be nominated for the Best Unit Cadet and SPF-NPCC Award. Cadets can continue to serve RINPCC as trained Cadet Inspectors or volunteer instructors in Years 5-6.

    Achievements and Highlights

    Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2015

    SPF-NPCC Badge Recipients 2016
    Seah Yong Le Stanley
    Gerald Ding Yu Han

    Area 4 Games Day 2016
    Overall champion – Raffles Institution NPCC
    1st place – Basketball
    1st place – Badminton
    1st place – Handball
    2nd place – Ultimate Frisbee
    2nd place – Captain’s Ball
    3rd place – Floorball
    3rd place – Goal Balance

    NPCC Inter-Area .38 Revolver Shooting Competition Finals 2016
    Men’s Team 4th – Area 4 (Mr Bryan Tan)
    CI Male Team Champion – Area 4 (Goh Khian Wei)

    Presbyterian High School 10th Annual Air Rifle Shooting Competition 2016
    Boys’ Team 3rd place
    Boys’ Individual 2nd place – Ibnu Tamiyyah B Adam

    Bishan Park Secondary School Super Mario (Season 6) – The Last Episode
    Category 1: Police & Thief 1st place

    Teacher Mentors

    Mr Bryan Tan (OC)

    Mr Zachary Kang (DyOC)

    Mr Desmond Chua

    Mr Lean Guan Hua