Raffles Institution

Infocomm Club

  • photograph by Raffles Photography and Art Club

    Supported by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), the Raffles Institution Infocomm Club aims to keep students excited about the possibilities of infocomm in a fun way while expanding their creative and entrepreneurial spirit through the application of infocomm in school and society.

    Members can choose to be trained in any a variety of disciplines ranging from multimedia and programming to robotics. Members are encouraged to apply the skills they learn during training in various projects for the school, as well as national and international competitions.

    Achievements and Highlights

    i.code Competition by Nanyang Polytechnic (2015)
    ● Champion (Adriel Tan, James Lao, Keane Kwa)

    IDA NIC Face-Off | Data-Analytics - Young Thinkers Challenge by SAP(2015)
    ● Champion (Lim Zinn-E and Victor Loh)

    Singapore Games Creation Competition by Nanyang Polytechnic (2015)
    ● Finalist (Victor Loh, Liu Siyong, Luke Tan, Danushan Dayaparan)
    ● NCPG Mobile Game Award
    ● MoneySENSE Mobile Game Award

    National Olympiad in Informatics 2016
    ● Wang Jianzhi (Gold, Top 4th contestant)
    ● Arnold Tan An (Silver)
    ● Luke Tan (Silver)
    ● Samuel Tan (Silver)

    Robocup Challenge 2016
    ● Achieved 2nd Runner-Up in Soccer Light-Weight League

    Teacher Mentor

    Mrs Lorraine Neo

    Mr Vijay Shankar