Raffles Institution

Raffles Photography and Art Club

  • photograph by Raffles Photography and Art Club, Year 1-4

    Raffles Institution Photography and Art Club (Raffles PAC) is an integral part of Rafflesian life. In addition to incorporating creativity as we tell stories of the school through various mediums of art, the club captures and documents the significant and inspirational moments at school events and plays an active role in serving the school community. In addition, RPAC conducts photoshoots, possibly in studio settings for various different events happening in the school. 

    As a member of RPAC, you will be entitled to a plethora of opportunities that will hone your skills as a photographer. The privileges that you will enjoy include access to expensive professional equipment, training sessions by professionals, and chances to serve the school, accumulating CIP hours.

    RPAC seeks to encourage members to pursue their interest in photography and art through workshops, excursions and sharing sessions, fostering a creative community of growth and passion. At the same time, we values fun and belonging whilst organizing events which enrich members artistically, creating a friendly atmosphere where all members can enjoy themselves.

    Achievements and Highlights

    Work Safety and Health Council, Safety starts with Me Poster Design Competition 2017

    1 Gold Award and 1 Bronze Award in the Secondary School Category


    Paint my stamp story by Singapore Philatelic Museum 2017

    1 Bronze Award in Secondary School Category


    Digital and Media Award Competition 2017 Photo Essay Category

    Participation (results to be announced in November 2017)


    Public Art Workshop with RGS as student volunteers in Tote Bag design and painting in Jurong Regional Library

    Teachers In Charge

    Mdm Tan Chui Min

    Ms Tang Keen Yeen