Raffles Institution

Chinese Cultural Club

  • photograph by Raffles Photography & Art Club (Year 1-4)

    Chinese cultural club—a merit CCA full of passion—comprises dedicated Rafflesians who strive to preserve the history and practices of the rich Chinese culture. This is an important establishment that was founded since pre-world war time.

    We strongly value learning through play—during every session, we experience and experiment with the arts, games, and culture left behind by our ancestors, so that we may pass it on. Our motto, “薪火相传”, encapsulates this idea—to pass down the flame of our heritage, generation after generation. We practise them ourselves every session without fail, from traditional carving stones to learning traditional Chinese painting technique, from playing Diabolo (a Chinese version of the yo-yo), to even a simple game of Chinese Chess. We also value each and every of our members, celebrating their birthdays, and also organising parties.

    Chinese Cultural Club is more than just a CCA. It is a lifestyle, a deep rooted sense of pride.

    Requirements: Speak Mandarin Chinese, and attend CCA frequently. That’s it. No hard Chinese tests, essays, or a perfect Chinese GPA. This is a CCA that respects passion more than academic achievements.

    Achievements and Highlights


    Drama Performance Workshop

    Broadcasting Workshop

    Author-in-Residence Programme



    ‘The Little Prince’ Drama Performance for Year 2 Mass Lecture

    ‘The Legend of Hou Yi and Chang’e’ Performance for Mid-Autumn Festival and VIA

    VIA Community Service for Comnet Elderly Services

    ‘Long Long Time Ago’ Charity Carnival



    RI Year 5-6 Chinese Language, Drama and Cultural Society (CLDCS) Day Camp

    翠谷回响 ‘A Date with the Four Seasons’ performance by RI Year 5-6 Chinese Language Drama and Cultural Society



    Cross-Talk Show “Roaring Good Times 10” by Young People’s Performing Arts Ensemble


    Teacher Mentors

    Ms Hoo Liew Wah

    Ms Catherine Tan