Raffles Institution

Softball (Year 5-6)

  • Photo by Saksham Bambha for Deck the Walls 2018, a project by the Raffles Photographic Society (Year 5-6)

    Beyond the gritted teeth, sweat-soaked jerseys and sand-stained slacks, there lies a deeper, more intrinsic value in what it means to be a softballer. Simply said, there is more to us than meets the eye – or the bat.

    Perhaps the biggest reward of becoming a softballer is gaining a band of brothers/sisters you play, train, grow and learn with. Softball is a team sport where each and every player that steps onto the field can put in their 110% for name on the front and not the back. The experience of being part of something larger than oneself not only teaches us how to fight but gives us something to fight for. The bonds we forge, the memories we make and the family we create is something that you simply have to be part of to comprehend.This team also includes supportive and dedicated teachers in charge and our beloved coaches we learn to respect and look up to.

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    Achievements and Highlights

    Old Rafflesians’ Association (ORA) Gryphon Cup

    Mens: 1st


    Singapore Recreational Club (SRC) Softball Carnival

    Mens: 1st

    Womens: 1st


    2017 National Inter-School A Division Softball Championships

    Boys: 1st

    Girls: 2nd

    Teachers in charge

    Mr Seah Choon Leong

    Ms Lynette Soh

    Mr Low Yi Siong