Raffles Institution

Mathematics Club

    The Raffles Institution Mathematics Club (RIMC) has been the focal point for students who display an aptitude and exceptional ability in competition mathematics. Members are selected through an entry test administered at Year 1. The best-performing students go on to represent RI in various mathematical competitions. Members undergo weekly training sessions to hone their problem-solving skills and familiarise themnselves with array of mathematical questions from various branches, such as combinatorics, number theory, geometry, trigonometry, probability and algebra.

    Competitions our members take part in include the American Mathematics Competition (high-scoring students will be invited to take part in the American Invitational Mathematical Examination (AIME) ), the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad in three categories (Junior, Senior and Open), and the Australian Mathematics Competition.

    Achievements and Highlights

    Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Senior) 2016
    Top 10 – Khor Jun Wei, Lee Ker Yang, Wang Jianzhi, Li Chenxu, Cheng Puhua, Dai Xiang Rong

    Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Junior) 2016
    Top 10 – Boo Tse Yang Lucas, Low Choo Ray, Ng Yangyi Aloysius, Tan Xu Chen, Tan Wee Kean, Leong Eu-Shaun, David Toh Hui Kai, Keane Ng

    Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Junior) 2016
    -Team 1st (Boo Tse Yang, Lucas, Low Choo Ray, Ng Yangyi Aloysius)

    Teacher Mentors

    Mr Chandru Mirpuri

    Mr Kwa Beng Hong