Raffles Institution

FAQ (Processes and Procedures)



    How do i certify something as a true copy?

    Bring the original and the copy to the Student Affairs Centre.


    Can I fax my documents via the HIGHER EDUCATION Office?

    Only additional documents that constitute the basic application can be faxed through our office.


    If I have been made an offer and accepted an offer from any UK/US/foreign university, can I still continue to apply?

    You may only continue to do so if you withdraw from your initial offer.


    I don't usually reside in Singapore, can I still apply?

    Yes, but if you will be out of Singapore and wish to apply to colleges that require hard-copy applications to be sent via the Office, please remember to leave them and the relevant documents with our office before you leave Singapore. If not, you will need a friend or family member to pass the certified true copies of your documents to the Office.