DSA Guide 2020

Guide for Primary 6 Parents & Students

Part 1: Introduction to RI & Overall DSA Domains


Part 2: Choosing your Domain


Part 3: Applying for DSA and Final Tips

Q&A Video Series

DSA Live QnA

Videos in this series are: 
Part 1: Introduction to RI 
Part 2: Q and A on School Life
Part 3: Q and A on DSA Domains 
Part 4: Q and A on DSA Application and Financial Assistance

In Part 1, our principal shares about what make our school special, our curriculum (both academic and student development) and our priorities as a school.


In Part 2, our panel answers questions on School life. Questions are (timestamps in brackets):
‣ Is studying in Raffles stressful? (00:12)
‣ Do GEP students remain in intact classes? (7:02)
‣ How many DSA students does RI take in every year? (10:57)


In Part 3, our panel answers various questions on the DSA Domains, in particular, the shortlisting criteria and the interview format for the respective domains. Below are the questions answered (and their timestamps):
‣ Academic Domain - Shortlisting (1:50)
‣ Performing Arts Domain - Shortlisting (3:08)
‣ Academic Domain - Interviews (3:24)
‣ Performing Arts Domain - Interviews (5:13)
‣ Can you share more about Mother Tongue/Higher Mother Tongue in RI? (6:47)
‣ If a student is not selected for DSA, will it affect his selection via central posting (after PSLE)? (8:45)
‣ Sports Domain - Shortlisting (9:30)
‣ Sports Domain - Interviews (9:58)
‣ Does RI only consider players who are nationally ranked? (11:26)
‣ Leadership & Character Domain - Shortlisting (12:51)
‣ Leadership & Character Domain - Interviews (15:20)
‣ How many interviewers will there be and when will interviews be conducted? (16:03)
‣ How will interviews be conducted for team sports? (17:06)
‣ What is the average number of DSA applications RI receives every year? (19:35)
‣ Will RI accept an equal number of students for each academic domain? (20:18)
‣ Are coaches going to be at the interviews? Are they part of the decision-making for DSA offers? (21:53)


In Part 4, our panel answers various questions on Applying for DSA and the Financial Assistance provided by RI. Below are the questions answered (and their timestamps):
‣ The DSA Application Timeline (00:25)
‣ A note about confirmed offers and waitlists (3:15)
‣ Financial support provided by RI (5:46)
‣ If a student is shortlisted by RI for two talent-areas, will there be two separate interviews for him? (8:48)
‣ Will RI notify students who are not shortlisted? (9:49)
‣ What is the teacher-student ratio in RI? (10:20)
‣ Final words from our principal (11:09)