2014 A Level Results

1     A total of 1261 students at Raffles Institution (RI) sat for the 2014 GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations. In addition to the students from the six-year Raffles Programme (RP), the school also admits students from other schools at Year 5 (JC 1) via the Direct School Admission (DSA) and Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE).

2     The achievements that the Class of 2014 attained at the 2014 ‘A’ Level Examinations, together with the parallel Raffles Diploma certification, reflect the holistic Raffles experience. The Raffles Programme brings out the best in all our students, develops them into well-rounded people and provides opportunities for them to discover their interests and talents.

3     Daniel Nur Hakin Ismail (from Victoria School) suffers from Gullian Barre Syndrome and requires the use of a wheelchair. He was a recipient of the Independent School Bursary. His father is the sole breadwinner of the family who dropped him off at school every morning. A wheelchair-friendly taxi needed to be booked to send Daniel home from school each day. Daniel suffered from a bone infection in Term 3 (2014) and required surgery and a long recuperation period. Highly resilient, Daniel wants to be a public servant when he grows up and is determined to prove that disabled people are able to give back to the community and to Singapore.

4     Triplets Phua Wei Deng, Phua Wei Ke and Phua Wei Yuan live with their mother and elder brother. All three boys received the Independent School Bursary and the RI Scholarship. Their father passed away when they were in Year 3. The triplets help out regularly at Share-On Welfare Organisation to give back to the organisation which helped their family during their own time of need. Despite the challenges and adversities in their lives, all three boys have remained positive and give their best in everything they do.

5     Abdul Rahim Asyraf B Abdul R was both a recipient of the Independent School Bursary and the RI Scholarship. An active member of the Interact Club, he mentored and tutored Primary 5 pupils from lower income families under the Eagle’s Eye Programme (a collaboration with SINDA). In 2013, just before the Year 5 mid-year common tests, Asyraf’s sister was hospitalised for thalassemia major and subsequently passed away. Despite having to deal with his grief, he demonstrated deep resilience in working hard academically and sat for his examinations.

6     Grateful for the resources provided that allowed him to pursue his passion in Robotics, Kenneth Chow, a recipient of the Independent School Bursary, created a kit with industrial grade functionality at 10% of market cost. The product, the Android Arduino Robotics Development Kit (AARDK) was awarded the only Gold Award at the National Infocomm Awards and is in the process of being patented.

7     Vice-Presidents of the Students’ Council, Chia Yan Min Kimberly and Goh Zuo Min shouldered heavy responsibilities serving the student body with many enriching school activities. Zuo Min also founded NotesAcademy, a free online platform for students to share their study resources and techniques with one another when he was in Year 4 during the Gap Semester.

8     Wee Jing Long is constantly looking for ways to give back, dedicating many hours serving the community, from tutoring and mentoring underprivileged students to establishing the RI Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter to bring youths together to help improve the living conditions of the elderly in Singapore. Lim Bao Long (from Nan Chiau High School) is always putting others before himself. He initiated Beyond60, an online platform featuring and preserving inspirational life stories of Singapore’s pioneers, in hope of bridging the widening disconnect between the young and old through bringing their life stories closer to youth.

9     Koh Kai Jie is a talented pianist whose love for music led him to pursue Music at both H2 and H3 levels. Soprano Tiara Valencia Sadikin (from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School) won the 2013 American Protégé International Competition and was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City where she was awarded the Best Performance of the Night.

10     National rhythmic gymnast Chia Daphne Theresa Yun Shan and sailors Kimberly Lim Min and Siew Kiah Hui Savannah (both from Tanjong Katong Girls’ School) represented Singapore at various national and international competitions including the Commonwealth Games and the 17th Asian Games, successfully balancing their studies with their hectic sporting commitments.

11     Entering RI at Year 5, Muhammad Sofian B Mohamed T (from Anderson Secondary School) who was both a recipient of the Independent School Bursary and RI Scholarship, Tan Hui Shuen Laura (from Cedar Girls’ School) and Levinson Tan Yu Fan (from Catholic High School) also performed very well and shone in their respective areas – Sofian who was able to balance his time with his varied CCA commitments; Laura with her talent for dance and involvement in the Raffles Eco-Literacy Programme where she co-wrote and published a children’s book; and Levinson with his love for aviation.

12     Two students offered 13 units of study and scored distinctions in all their 9 subjects.

13     50% of students offering four H2 subjects scored distinctions in all four subjects. 64% of students scored three H2 distinctions in their content-based subjects. Rafflesians continue to excel at the General Paper, with 48% of students scoring distinctions.

14     331 students (26%) achieved a perfect University Admissions Score (UAS) of 90. The UAS is used for admissions by the four autonomous universities in Singapore. It is computed based on a maximum score of 90 points, and takes into account General Paper or Knowledge and Inquiry, Project Work, three H2 and one H1 content subjects. In addition, 162 students achieved distinctions in all subjects offered, including H3 subjects.

15     The class of 2014 achieved exceptional performances across the various subjects:

• 8 in 10 students scored Distinctions for Biology, Knowledge and Inquiry and Literature in English
• 7 in 10 students scored Distinctions for Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics and Physics
• 6 in 10 students scored Distinctions for Economics and History.

16     The following is the breakdown of the number of distinctions obtained by our students:

• 9 Distinctions: 2 students
• At least 8 Distinctions: 52 students
• At least 7 Distinctions: 278 students
• At least 6 Distinctions: 542 students

17     We congratulate the Class of 2014 on their outstanding all-round achievements. We would also like to express our thanks to our teachers, staff, parents, alumni and the RI Board of Governors. It is only with their dedication and unwavering support that RI can continue its tradition of service to the nation.

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