JAE Appeal Exercise

The JAE Appeal Exercise is for students who are not posted to Raffles Institution under Joint Admission Exercise (JAE). The applications will be considered based on merit and availability of vacancies. 

Before you start, please note the following:
• If you were admitted into your posted school via Direct School Admission (DSA), you are not eligible for this exercise as no DSA transfers are allowed.

• If you are a student who is currently on LOA due to 2019-nCoV measures, please email [email protected] after you have submitted your application.

In order to be considered, students must have met our cut-off point for this year.  

Cut off Point: 4 (Science) & 5 (Arts)

Click HERE to start your application.
*Please note that the link will be functional from 4 Feb 2020, 12pm onwards

Application period:
Start: 4 February 2020 (Tuesday), 12pm 
End:  5 February 2020 (Wednesday), 12pm

The application will be completed online, no hardcopies submission is required. However we might contact you to provide it if we need further verification.

Year 5 Reporting Day
Even if you intend to submit an appeal, all students are expected to report to their posted school on 5 February 2020.

Final Decision
The school's decision on the JAE Appeal Exercise will be made after the vacancies are ascertained following the Joint Admission Exercise (JAE). All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications via email by 6 February 2020 early afternoon

Successful applicants will be asked to come to Raffles Institution on the same day, 
6 February 2020 late afternoon to attend a briefing and receive their transfer forms. 

The decision of the Admissions Selection Committee is final and the school will not enter into discussion with the applicants regarding its decision.

For more information, please email: [email protected]