A Level Results Release: Class of 2018 Keeps Rafflesian Colours Flying

1   A total of 1190 students at Raffles Institution (RI) sat for the 2018 GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations. This number comprises students from the six-year Raffles Programme (RP), as well as students admitted at Year 5 (JC 1) via the Direct School Admission (DSA) and Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE).

2   The class of 2018 continues to embody the Rafflesian spirit of excellence, achieving a stellar set of results at the 2018 A-Level examinations.

Overall Performance of the Class of 2018

3   98% of students achieved three H2 passes, with a pass in General Paper or Knowledge & Inquiry.

4   52% of students offering four H2 subjects scored distinctions in all four subjects. 63% of students scored three H2 distinctions in their content-based subjects. In addition, 200 students achieved distinctions in all subjects offered, including H3 subjects.

5   368 students achieved a perfect University Admissions Score (UAS) of 90.

6   The class of 2018 achieved exceptional performances across the various H2 subjects with 6 in 10 students scoring Distinctions in Economics, 7 in 10 students scoring Distinctions in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Knowledge and Inquiry, Mathematics, Physics and History. 9 in 10 students scored Distinctions for Literature in English. Rafflesians continue to excel at the General Paper, with 57% of students scoring distinctions.

7   Our students continue to excel with 536 students attaining at least 6 Distinctions, 286 students attaining at least 7 Distinctions, 78 students attaining at least 8 Distinctions, and 6 students attaining 9 Distinctions.

8   We congratulate the Class of 2018 on their outstanding all-round achievements. We also express our deepest thanks to our teachers, staff, parents, alumni and the RI Board of Governors. Their dedication and unwavering support enables RI to continue its tradition of excellence and service to the nation. We are confident that the Class of 2018 will continue their pursuit of excellence and make a positive impact on their community.

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