Annular Solar Eclipse and The Ring of Fire

26 December 2019 was a memorable day as the rare annular solar eclipse took place. Students, teachers and staff alike came together at the Gryphon Square to witness the event via telescopes fitted with solar filters, prepared by the Astronomy Club. Eclipse glasses were shared with visitors at a dedicated viewing area within Gryphon Square. Additionally, they were able to view the eclipse via a projection on a board.

The rare 'Ring of Fire' photo taken by Tan Keng Guan (3J) and Liu Qingsong (20S06H) from the Gryphon Square.

This spectacular sight in our skies was visible for the first time in two decades and will next appear in 2063. The partial eclipse began at 11:27am and reached maximum eclipse at 1:23pm. The full eclipse lasted for a minute and ended at 3:18pm.

Solar filtered telescopes set up by the Astronomy Club. Photo by Tan Keng Guan (3J) and Liu Qingsong (20S06H)

Visitors gathered at Gryphon Square for the viewing of the solar eclipse.

A time lapse was also recorded by Tan Keng Guan (3J) and Liu Qingsong (20S06H) throughout the duration of the eclipse as well as of the event viewing at Gryphon Square.


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