BB Week 2020

The Boys Brigade’s 60th company held their annual donation drive, also known as BB Week, from 16 Aug to 6 Sept. As COVID-19 situations have made BB Week a bit more challenging this year, the boys and Y5 Primers came together via Zoom meetings to discuss and conceptualise their donation pitches to BB alumni, close family and friends for BB Week 2020.

Through zoom discussions, they also crafted shared anecdotes together. Here was an anecdote shared by PTE Joel Lim, CPL Om Joshi, SGT Zachary Paik and CLT Lisa Koy, all of whom are from Squad 2:

"When we first joined BB, we were nervous and curious about what it had to offer. However, over the course of our time here, we have become more at ease with our squad-mates and our experiences have really shaped who we are. For example, competitions such as Blaze have imprinted the importance of physical fitness upon us, while Band has really taught us the importance of teamwork. After being in BB, though this could be over a different number of years for the different batches, we have realised that BB is fun and enjoyable. We have also managed to experience many new things like drill which instills values important for life, such as discipline and perseverance. Some of our best friends are also from the BB. It provides a caring and supportive community that we can always rely on. We are extremely thankful to have joined the RIBB."

Crafting the shared anecdotes together in squads was a meaningful inter-batch experience, where the students could jointly reflect on how they have journeyed and grown together in a Uniformed Group (UG).

These meaningful experiences have been made possible in part by the donations that were collected from the annual BB Week. The donations go towards the running of the Company and of the Brigade, so that the company can continue to learn and grow together in the 60th family.



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