Did You Know? Our New Promethean Torch

This year, we unveiled a new Promethean Torch at this year’s Promethean Leadership Investiture.

The new torch is 60cm high and weighs 1.2kg.

New Promethean torch

The new Promethean Torch.

This torch is the first ever made expressly for this purpose. Previously, simple garden torches were used in the ceremony. The new torch is designed with the school colours: Green, Black and White.

The new Promethean Torch was unveiled and used at this year’s Promethean Leadership Investiture.

The Promethean Leadership Investiture has its roots in the first-ever Promethean Day in 1992. The ceremony invests the newly elected student leaders of the school and emphasizes the important role of all student leaders in their common purpose of building school culture, promoting wellbeing in the community, and continuing the legacy of past student leaders.

1993 yearbook
The first documented Promethean Day was in 1993. The article above appeared in The Rafflesian yearbook for that year.

A symbol handed from one batch of student leaders to another, the Promethean torch alight represents the passing of the Promethean flame via a torch of leadership from the outgoing leaders to their successors. The torch and flame are handed over from the outgoing Year 4 Head and Deputy Head Prefect to the incoming Year 3 Head and Deputy Head Prefect. This serves as a reminder to the new student leaders that they form parts of a long and lasting tradition and legacy.

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