Open House for Year 1 (2020) Students

Our Open House will be held on 25 May 2019 (Saturday), from 8.30am to 1pm. This event is for prospective Year 1 (2020) students, which mainly includes Primary 6 boys who will take the PSLE at the end of this year.


Programme Listing

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Discover Rafflesian Fire!

How does RI help each boy discover the Rafflesian Fire that burns within him?
What does RI do to help grow that Fire?
When Rafflesians come together, how does this collective Fire serve the community and our country?

This year, we invite all male Primary 6 students to discover the Rafflesian Fire for themselves and learn how RI can help IGNITE that flame, GROW the fire and rally Rafflesians to SHINE together for the good of the community.

Must-Dos at this year's Open House

  1. Collect three stamps to exchange for a set of limited edition Open House pins
  2. Go on a personal student-led tour
  3. (for parents) Meet with Rafflesian Parents at the Kopitiam (@ the Canteen) and chat over a cup of kopi (or tea!)

Other Highlights!

Explore the three unique Zones 
  1. Interactive booths at the IGNITE Zone
  2. Exciting activities at the GROW Zone
  3. Inspiring Performances at the SHINE Zone
  4. Informative talks on the Raffles Programme and Direct School Admission

Direct School Admission

The DSA-Sec application period has begun. Find out more on our Admissions page and apply through MOE's DSA-Sec Portal.



all photographs by the Raffles Photography and Art Club

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