Welcome to RI, Students of the Class of 2022! (updated 28 Jan)

Dear students of the Class of 2022, 

We extend our warmest welcome to you in joining the Raffles family. 

You will be reporting to school on 29 Jan (Friday) at 7.30am. The programme for 29 Jan ends at 2.45pm. 

On 29 Jan, you will be attending the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) Induction Programme. Orientation activities will take place from 1 Feb to 4 Feb. More details about Orientation will be shared at the JAE Induction Programme. 

The JAE Induction Programme aims to ease your transition from the Secondary to JC environment. It comprises a series of talks and activities, which covers various aspects of JC student life in Raffles Institution (RI). Information about key school programmes, the GCE A Level curriculum and CCAs will be shared. There will also be opportunities to interact and hear from your seniors about their experiences in RI. Online introductory lectures to various GCE A Level subjects and enrichment programmes, as well as online meetings to find out more about various enrichment programmes have also been arranged for you. 

We would like to draw your attention to the following important information about the JAE Induction Programme and your first day of reporting to school on 29 Jan. 

1) Reporting on 29 Jan 2021 (Friday) 

You will report on 29 Jan (Friday) at 7.30am either in your full secondary school uniform or half uniform (i.e. school T-shirt with pants/skirt/pinafore). Students will report to either the Multi-Purpose Hall (labelled “Multi-Purpose Hall” in Campus Map) or Amphitheatre (labelled “Amphitheatre” in Campus Map).

Students from secondary schools with school names starting with the alphabet A to L will report to the Multi-Purpose Hall (labelled “Multi-Purpose Hall” in Campus Map), while students from schools with school names starting with the alphabet from M to Z will report to the Amphitheatre (labelled “Amphitheatre” in Campus Map).

The RI Year 5-6 campus is accessible to pedestrians through the main entrance (denoted “G3 Main Gate” in Campus Map) and turnstiles at Gates 5, 10 and 11 (circled and denoted G5, G10 and G11 respectively in Campus Map). 


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All students are reminded to bring your Secondary School student pass (i.e. EZ-Link card) on 29 Jan to be activated for the RI campus gates. You will be able to use your activated student pass to access the gates from 1 Feb onwards. Do note that all turnstiles are locked from 8.30 am. You will have to enter the school via the Main Entrance after 8.30am. 

You are also required to bring your thermometers for daily temperature taking. Do check that your thermometers are working before the first day of reporting. You are also required to bring your own cutlery (fork, spoon or chopsticks) for your meals in school. 

2) Vehicular Traffic Flow 

We would also like you to remind your parents if they are driving you to and from school, to enter from the Main Entrance (circled and denoted “G3 Main Gate” in Campus Map). The drop-off and pick-up point is at P4 (circled and denoted “P4” in Campus Map). When picking you up, parents should only enter the school when you are ready to be picked up at P4 drop-off and pick-up point. 

3) Students who are on SHN/HQO/LOA/AA 

If you fall under any of the above categories, and cannot report to RI on 29 Jan 2021, please email [email protected] with the following information: 

• Name 

• Secondary school 

• Category 

• When are you permitted to report to RI? 

• Contact number 


If you have any questions about the programme for 29 Jan, please email us at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you in school. 

Thank you. 

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