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With Flying Colours: Exceptional A-Level Performance by the Class of 2015

1    We are pleased to announce that our Class of 2015 have turned in a remarkable set of results at the 2015 GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations, continuing the school’s proud tradition of all-round excellence. We congratulate our students on their fantastic performance.

2    4 students offered 13 units of study and scored distinctions in all their 9 subjects.

3    55% of students offering four H2 subjects scored distinctions in all four subjects. 66% of students scored three H2 distinctions in their content-based subjects. Rafflesians continue to excel at the General Paper, with 55% of students scoring distinctions.

4    344 students (28%) achieved a perfect University Admissions Score (UAS) of 90. In addition, 205 students achieved distinctions in all subjects offered, including H3 subjects.

5    The class of 2015 achieved exceptional performances across the various subjects:

  •   3 in 4 students scored Distinctions for Chemistry, Economics, Literature in English and Mathematics
  •   7 in 10 students scored Distinctions for Geography and Physics
  •   6 in 10 students scored Distinctions for History

6    The following is the breakdown of the number of distinctions obtained by our students:

  •   9 Distinctions: 4 students
  •   At least 8 Distinctions: 89 students
  •   At least 7 Distinctions: 284 students
  •   At least 6 Distinctions: 530 students
  •   At least 5 Distinctions: 739 students

7    The outstanding achievements of the Class of 2015 at the 2015 ‘A’ Level Examinations, together with the parallel Raffles Diploma certification, reflect the school’s focus and commitment to all-round development. The Raffles Programme brings out the best in our students, develops them into well-rounded individuals and provides opportunities for them to develop their interests and talents to the full.

8    We would like to express our special thanks to our teachers, staff, parents, alumni and the RI Board of Governors. It is only with their dedication and unwavering support that RI can continue to uphold its tradition of excellence and service to the nation.

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