Year 1 Orientation 2019: Odyssey

The newest members of the RI family got to know each other, the school, their seniors and the Bishan area through Odyssey, the action-packed Year 1 Orientation held from 7 to 11 January. 

The Peer Support Leaders led their juniors through a series of games, introduced them to their favourite spots in the neighbourhood, and guided them on the the traditional blindfolded night walk through the school. The Year 1 students also took part in a three-day, two-night camp on campus. 



On 8 January the Year 1 students took part in the Raffles Trail, where they explored booths and chatted with seniors to find out which CCA is the right fit for them. 


The Junior Rafflesians Investiture Ceremony took place on 11 January as the formal induction of the new cohort of Year 1 students into the Raffles Family.

JRIC started with a heartwarming note with parents opening letters of appreciation penned by their sons. After which, Principal Mr Frederick Yeo commenced the ceremony with an opening speech followed by our Head Prefect, Foo Loon Wei. A fresh faced Year One student, Ruuhan Anand also shared about his memorable experience of bonding with his fellow Rafflesians and seniors during the orientation camp. Soon, the pinning of the school badges by form teachers commenced, symbolising their sense of pride and belonging to be accepted by the Rafflesian Family.

The tenacity of our Year One Rafflesians will be challenged as sails are hoisted and their bearings set; the ship's exit from the safety of its harbours is marked by the biting wind and the tide's moiré. Initiation is no easy task - the currents embody resilience, the ship demands responsibility and camaraderie is forged in respect. Together, united in heart and spirit, guided by the principles of the institution, the young resilient Rafflesians continue their Odyssey.



photographs by Raffles Photography and Art Club members Cheng Wentuo and Joel Leong

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