ASEAN Social Innovations Programme

What Our Subject is About

To us, South-east Asia is one of the most exciting regions in the world today as it is poised for rapid growth and development. Underpinning this growth are waves of disruption such as the rapid rise of the digital economy which enables greater financial inclusion, efficient transport and logistic networks as well as accelerated growth of enterprises beyond geographical borders. This inaugural program will focus on just the Philippines and Singapore, equipping students with fundamental digital skills and exposing students to social innovations, mainly in sectors of financial technology, transport/ logistics and more. The program will ultimately challenge students to ideate to a social problem of their choice, obliging students to not only do research but also collaborate remotely with other students.


What We Do To Develop Students' Interest/Abilities

In line with the school and ministry’s strategic focus on ASEAN and interdisciplinary learning, the course will equip students with skills such as design thinking for effective problem solving as well as fundamental digital exposure (web development, online marketing, user experience and user interface design). The program will also afford opportunities for planning, honing organizational and interpersonal skills as well as navigating cross-cultural environments through an online exchange program*.


Students will:

  1. Engage in collaborative sharing and discussion sessions which will involve guest speakers sharing insights about social innovations in both Singapore and the Philippines
  2. Contribute to an online publication on Medium that records research, thoughts and reflections of social innovations in Singapore and the Philippines
  3. Prototype a solution to solve a problem of their choice using design thinking framework
  4. Participate in field trips to both local and overseas destinations to gain a deeper appreciation of language, culture and political economy of Asian neighbors (if circumstances permit)


ASIP_KHMY JIP_groupPhoto

Sharing by Filipino professionals during January Induction Program 2019 – students learnt about
comparative education analysis between Singapore and the Philippines, transport infrastructure as well as food
and culture of the Philippines. Similar exposure will be offered through our program by engaging relevant
professionals in various sectors 


Who We Are

Prior to our teaching stint here in RI, we have both studied and interned overseas in cities such as London, New York, Jakarta and Manila across a range of sectors such as non-profits, finance and social enterprises. These experiences helped to guide the design of our program. We both enjoy working in organic, collaborative environments and to inspire curiosity and interest in ASEAN and the world.


What Our Students Say

“One key takeaway from this session was about the systems in Philippines, more specifically the governance, education and cultural aspect. I learnt about the similarities and differences between Singapore and Philippines, and since the speakers were very well-versed in their specific aspects covered in the talk, it was very comprehensive and allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of Philippines. I gained new knowledge about the society in Philippines and had a newfound appreciation of our ASEAN neighbour. I was able to make relations as to how their education system and economy relates to each other.”

- Han Wen Yu May, student who attended our January Induction Program (JIP) 2019: Discovering SEA (Philippines)